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I was told I needed an opening speech to kick things off.

Distinguished friends and neighbors, My name is Jack Anthony Izzo and I’m running for commissioner for District 5 in the city of Hollywood. 

Running for public office is a little new to me and I was told I needed a “kick-off” speech to jump start my campaign.  Not knowing what a "kick-off" entailed, I consulted the great political philosopher GOOGLE!

Google says I’m to tell a little about myself, tell you why I am running for city Commissioner, and ask you for your support. It also gave a few generic right reasons to run for office, I would love to show them to you. 

* To help your community. This is the USA classic reason of running for office. You see your community needs help and you believe you have the skills to fill that need.

* Advocating for causes. There is a specific cause or policy that is affecting your community and you feel that you can have a real impact on the issue by running for office.

Let me say right off the bat, I’m not running as a politician, God knows we have enough of them in this country and running this city of ours. I am simply running as WE, THE PEOPLE: The voice for our community, our neighborhood, and our city. 

I am the true embodiment of Joe working man. 

So folks, our city has challenges and opportunities. An important lesson I learned that I believe will prepare me for city government – My late uncle Thomas always told me there are never problems, only solutions. And if you are going to bring me a challenge, you better believe I’m going to come back to you with a solution.


The solution to our challenges and opportunities is LEADERSHIP! Our city - now more than ever - needs leaders, not more managers, not more consultants.

Leadership is what it will take to make the necessary changes that need to be done. 

And that’s why I am running for commissioner. 

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, and father of 2, I don’t need Google to tell me about leadership. Leadership is not complicated – You lead, follow or get out the way!

In my experience, Leaders, we are not afraid to ask “Why?”

Leaders, we solve problems.

Leaders, we lead by example.

Leaders, we know when to listen and when to follow.

Leaders, we work well with others to accomplish the goals.

Leaders, we are not afraid to say, “I don’t know, but let me find out and I will get back to you.”

Leaders have vision!  We want to know what the future looks like.

This reminds me of an interview Wayne Gretzky had one day at a news conference.  The reporter asked him, “What makes a good hockey player?”  Gretzky answered, “A good hockey player goes to where the puck IS; a great hockey player goes to where the puck is GOING TO BE.”

I believe a great commissioner needs to ask where our puck will be in the next 5-10 years to anticipate the needs of our community.

That’s the conversation I want to have and that’s why I am running for City Commissioner! 

Where most candidates and city officials are trained in one or 2 fields I am what you may call a Jack of all trades. I know how things work from the bottom to the top. A am a working class man who can build and repair with my hands and with my mind. 

During this campaign I was told by very wise and knowledgeable individuals not to make any promises. Whatever you do; do not make any promises. Well, as some of you may have guessed I don’t always follow conventional wisdom. So I am going to make two promises.

Promise #1: My neighbor reminded me of this the other day. He told me, when I become a City Commissioner ; be yourself. If I am fortunate to win this election I will be myself. I will be that problem solver. I will be that critical thinker who will ask questions to solve today’s problems for a brighter future!  And that’s my promise to you. 

Promise #2: I will do everything I can to keep this campaign focused on the issues. The issues we as the people, the people of Hollywood keep wondering about. 

Now, at this time Google says I am supposed to ask for donations. I wouldn’t be a good salesperson if I didn’t ask for donations. 

I’m asking you the people, my neighbors,the residents of Hollywood for your support at the polls and I’m asking you to stand beside me with a financial contribution.  Any amount you can possibly spare will make a difference, so just click the fund me button and together we are on our way. 

If you would like to help by putting up a yard sign, of sharing my campaign and public page on social media that would be great too!

Finally, I left the best for last. 

The source for my motivation and inspiration, I want to introduce Team Izzo. 

My beautiful loving fiancé Monique Hernandez, my daughter Anellianda (Ani), and my son John. Together we will be unstoppable. 

Thank you.  Thank you for the support. Vote IZZO.