My to do list

I promise to work tirelessly to   :

- Resolve our budget shortfalls

- Restore the pensions for Fire, Police and Workers Unions that are currently in default

- Increase competitiveness for First Responders jobs by adding more incentives

- Eliminate the CRA and put those tax dollars back into the hands of the City and its Districts

- Increase the amount of street lighting for our neighborhoods 

- Address and help fix damaged sidewalks

- Increase Code Enforcement Officer presence in neighborhoods and update/increase their training to keep our city beautiful

- Increase Police Officer presence in neighborhoods to help keep our neighborhoods safe

- Reopen the police substation near Montella Park

- Make more School Resource Officers available to our schools

- Address the damaged roads throughout the district, get pavement restoration underway and scheduled regularly

- Update and increase traffic calming measures throughout neighborhoods

- Push for stricter enforcement of noise ordinances

- Continue and add to neighborhood beautification projects